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World War Z Trailer

I’m a little worried about the over CGI-zation of the Zombies themselves, but I kinda like that they move in tsunami-like hordes.  This is the first glimpse of the Zombie epic film.  I think it looks pretty decent nonetheless.  Marc Forster has made some good films, but then he’s also made Quantum of Solace…

Check it out:


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Fake Movie Friday – The Caan Men

The Caan Men is a self-referential big hollywood action buddy film starring none other than James and Scott Caan playing themselves.

The film opens up at the premiere of the latest Oceans film, Oceans 15 (I’m calling 15, just incase 14 actually happens, and it probably will) at Mann’s Chinese Theater .  We see tons of celebrity cameo’s on the E! red carpet.  Ryan Seacrest is in the middle of interviewing George Clooney and Brad Pitt and they are hamming it up talking about how the film is a real piece of art or something, all the while, no one wants to interview Scott Caan.  For whatever reason, Pauly Shore has a cameo at this point telling Caan to get used to it.  Guys like them will never get the big interviews. Scott is obviously dejected, but he attempts to interrupt an interview with Seacrest and Matt Damon and it comes off as really pathetic.  He starts talking about how he’s on Hawaii 5-0 while drunk and everyone just sorta tries and play along, but at the same time get him off the camera.  He then stumbles on the red carpet spilling his drink on Matt Damon, who flips out on him.  Casey Affleck rescues Scott from his embarassment and tells Scott to just hang out in the bathroom and get himself together.  Scott obliges.  He goes to the bathroom to clean up, and starts drinking from his flask.
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Brad Pitt in New Orleans Killing People

Brad Pitt’s a good actor, New Orleans is my favorite city, and Killing People is something I love seeing in my films.  So watching the trailer for Killing Them Softly, I am convinced this is going to be a great film.  It is directed by Andrew Dominik, who directed the brilliant, albeit long The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

I don’t know why The Weinstein Company swapped release dates with this and Tthe Master between September and October, but even if The Master is a lock for best picture nods, I think Killing Them Softly can also be a dark horse in the race.  Brad Pitt is an oscar favorite, though he hasn’t won, and the film has such a wealth of talent in it between Richard Jenkins, and James Gandofini etc, and Dominik.  I think this can break through.

But look at the trailer for yourself and be the judge:

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