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Movie Movie Podcast #32: Bullet Bodies

We made it through the January lull and now we’re knee deep in the February slump! The year can only get better from here, right? Right!?!?! Join Peter, Russ, Alex and myself as we play good cop / bad cop with Bullet to the Head, leave Warm Bodies for dead and discuss our favorite Super Bowl trailers (spoiler: Fast 6 is best). Recorded on February 6th 2013.

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Stallone is Back! Bullet To The Head Trailer

First we post a new Schwarzenegger action movie trailer, and now theres a new Stallone trailer.  It’s like these guys can’t exist without the other.

Anyway the trailer for Bullet to the Head has everything: Partners being murdered, awful puns, Stallone shirtless, Sung Kang from Fast Five, a Dothraki warrior from Game of Thrones, Walter Hill directing, Kid Rockian rock music, and old song to symbolize how old Stallone is, and a FUCKING AXE FIGHT!

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