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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Candy Land

I’ve been remembering this for a couple weeks now but this is a Friday in which I am very glad I set a Google reminder for this. Tigs isn’t on Gchat. Went back in our convo and remembered last week’s suggestions were all board games. So here we go.

Candy Land

We open in a candy throne room. An adorable little king and subjects sing a cute song about candy and being happy. Darkness creeps in and an evil sorcerer named Count Cavity enters to screams. He takes the king hostage and says he is taking over. A young prince, Toff Butterworth, is whisked away quietly being told that he needs to find the hero of destiny, a young girl true of heart, who will save the land using candy powers. We jump cut to Jake, a Seth Rogen type, snoring in bed.

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