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Fake Movie Friday: Cereal Killer

This weeks movie I was trying to do something clever, but ended up not. Toucan was supposed to be both the detective and killer but  anyway, without further ado:

Cereal Killer

Toucan Sam get’s a call at 9 in the morning. There’s been a triple homicide. He arrives at the scene to find Snap, Crackle and Pop brutally murdered. The rest of the officers are all humans, and he is just walking around doing his job. He inspects the area but there doesn’t appear to be any evidence left behind.

He heads back to the office to start his write up, and in the middle of him finishing the paper work he receives another call. The Yummy Mummy was found hanging from a lamp-post outside of his condo. Sam heads over and starts to inspect. He finds a Cap’n Crunch whistle on the ground and decides it’s time to visit the Cap.

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