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Movie Movie Podcast #21: Cloud Revelation 3D

Phew, we made it. We narrowly escaped Halloween in one piece, now there’s nothing left to do but relax…wait…do you hear that…oh no…it can’t be…it’s impossible! Nope! It’s just the Movie Movie Podcast! Join Russ, Alex, Peter and myself as we vociferously violate Silent Hill: Revelation 3D and take a spiritual ride with Cloud Atlas. Recorded on November 1st 2012.

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Cloud Atlas Trailer

A few years back I randomly bought a book entitled “Ghostwritten” by David Mitchell. A collection of loosely connected stories that I quite enjoyed. I returned to find more by Mitchell and was upon walking into the bookstore was attacked by a display of ‘Cloud Atlas’ books. Told in a similar style I’ve been wanting to read it but it’s popularity has kept it’s price high and I need that money to go see things like ‘Step-up Revolution.’
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