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Peter Dinklage will be in Days of Future Past


Shortly after the announcement that Days of Future Past will be shot natively in 3D, word has it that Peter Dinklage has been cast in the new X-Men movie. Everyone’s first guess is Puck (well, I didn’t guess Puck, I have to admit I’d never heard of him), but Devin has some interesting theories about who he could be playing. I don’t totally buy it, but it would be great if Dinklage was playing a motion captured CG character. Whatever the case, Days of Future Past is getting more interesting by the minute…

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Days of Future Problems

Matthew Vaughn has stepped away from directing the sequel to ‘X-Men: First Class.’

He still wrote a treatment of the script and will be in a producer role along with Bryan Singer. Singer returing becomes every nerds fantasy. Singer really hit the bullseye with the first 2 X-Men films. They legitimized the comic book film.

Hopefully they find a competent director here and they don’t trust an X-Men film to a horrible director. Fox would NEVER do that right?


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Days of Future Prequel Sequel

It has been rumored and now being reported by IGN.com as official from Bryan Singer (producer) that the ‘X-Men First Class’ sequel will be subtitled ‘Days of Future Past.’

This is ballsy and brilliant. Ballsy because it deals with MIND time travel. An older version of Kitty Pryde travels her mind into the present day version. Well past since ‘First Class’ timeline is the 60s, I think. Christ this is confusing already. I’m assuming they will send back the whole Kitty Pryde, or some other character, since mind time travel is weird.

This is smart because it could possibly find a way to change history so the stories of the X-Men movies we know never happen. Also this is our best bet for Sentinels.

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