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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: December Twice

WE’RE BACK! That’s right, it’s been a long time but we all got movie title suggestions last night at our show and it feels great to be doing this again. Since we haven’t done these in a while, I feel like I wrote forever and these are crazy long – nothing has changed. I had two ideas for my title last night, and instead of choosing one or the other, or trying to blend them together somehow I just wrote two. Now, without further ado, welcome back everyone to Fake Movie Friday! 2,185 words ahead of you, you’ve been warned. Enjoy!

December Twice 

At 6 am the radio alarm goes off “The skies are clear but bring a jacket with you, it’s a very chilly December 1st”. Jim October lifts his head up slowly, hits the snooze button on the radio and goes back to sleep. At 945 he opens his eyes, sees what time it is, shouts expletives and rushes to get ready. There’s a montage of him showering, et al to that Ryan Adams song “To Be Young” culminating in him being stuck in traffic as we turns down the radio to turn the song off for the audience. 

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