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Hi Guys it’s Alex! Yeah I know I’m the jerk. I decided to join the fold this week with my first fake movie Friday so be nice. My movie is “Shattered.” This will come to us by the guy that did The Forgotten, remember the movie with Julianne Moore than had really annoying twists? Well I’d like to present to you another faux intellectual thriller from him that will have you equally frustrated at the people you know that liked it and yourself for sitting thru

Directed by Joseph Ruben (director of The Forgotten)

Tagline: The Truth Will Leave You….

Austin (Milo Ventimiglia) is a young detective who just transferred back as hometown of Chicago. It’s the very near future and food and gas of becoming increasingly scarce causing an explosion in poverty and crime. Austin is plagued by nightmares twisted creatures in memory of a life that he feels like he’s led.he begins to work on two cases that seem to have more in common than the powers that be want him to believe one serious people all seemingly killed in grotesque animalistic ways at another missing persons reports of local scientists start piling up.

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