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Fake Movie Friday – No Chance In Hell!

I’m writing this in a starbucks while I have a free 30 mins between visits, so I apologize if it’s dumb as shit:

No Chance In Hell

No Chance In Hell is a teen comedy with a dash of fantasy added in.  It’s primarily for teenagers to see on a date.  It’s toothless and lame.

Michael Angarano stars as Kevin Lewis, your typical 00’s nerd, meaning he’s not a nerd, just not popular.  Megan Fox stars as Kendra Hamilton, the super popular bitchy girl who way back when was friends with Kevin.  They kissed Freshman year and shortly after that she started dating a complete prick Senior named Austin Rogers, captain of the Lacrosse team at McKinley Regional HS.  He is played by Tyler Hoechlin.

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