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Ant-Man Has A Release Date

Ant-Man crawls into theaters November 6th, 2015.   It will be the second of two Marvel movies being released by Disney that year.  Considering that Avengers 2 is the big May release in 2015, I’m guessing, we’ll get some introduction to Ant-Man around that time at least in a cameo role.  Most of the Marvel characters have shown up in a smaller capacity first before getting their own film, and since Ant-Man doesn’t have as much name recognition, I’d imagine the cameo route to be the case for him as well.

What this leaves me wondering, and I know I’m getting ahead of myself, is if Ant-Man kicks off Phase Three of the Marvel movies, if it is an epilogue to Phase Two, which is purely cosmic, or if it is independent of the Avengers world’s arc completely.  I for one would prefer him to cameo in a film first, and then have his own standalone film cognizant of the Avengers stuff, but unrelated, and with no origin story.  That’s asking a lot, and I’ll probably like whatever Edgar Wright decides to do considering he’s brilliant, so none of what I just wrote matters.  I do hope that it is still light in tone and almost comedic like Wright said he’d like to do.

It will probably be a while before we hear anything about casting, but we can assume the fanboy chants for Nathan Fillion to commence shortly.

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New The World’s End Poster

A new Poster for The Word’s End was just posted. It’s pretty cool, but honestly it could have just been text that said “A Film By Edgar Wright” and I’d buy a ticket.

Via Empire

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Shaun of the Dead

We have reached the end of my top 5 zombie movies (in no particular order) but I’m going to keep putting up other trailers. Shaun of the Dead is a perfect film. It has the exact right mix of comedy and horror, never allowing the comedy to defang or deflate the danger. It is one of the few zombie movies that would still be a great movie with compelling characters and conflicts even if the zombies were removed. Infinitely quotable and rewatchable Shaun of the Dead is the most fun movie on my list.

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The World’s End Grows

It was the summer before sophomore year of college when I first saw the trailer for ‘Shaun of the Dead.’ I will selfishly take full credit in being the person to spread the news to my group of friends. We saw it opening weekend and NYC and couldn’t have been happier. We were Wright, Pegg, and Frost hooked. We tracked down the two series of ‘Spaced’ and even the short lived ‘Asylum.’ We were beyond excited for ‘Hot Fuzz’ and now impatiently waiting for news on their upcoming film ‘The World’s End.’ We have some news and the news is great.
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The World’s End Begins

Take a look at the first slightly cryptic poster for ‘The World’s End.’

It’s the third film in the “Three Flavors of Cornetto Trilogy.” Written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright it is proceeded by ‘Shaun of the Dead’ and ‘Hot Fuzz.’ Pegg and Nick Frost star while Wright directs.

I’m so excited. I would pre-order a ticket now if I could

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