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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Fools Gold

Tigs sent me 23 titles today. I’ll be picking from them for the next few weeks. There are some good ones in there. The man is a genius. Guy Ritchie isn’t, but I enjoy his gangster stuff a lot. This is one of those.

Fools Gold

We open on a man tied to a chair in a dimly lit room. In walks in Walter Hill, a tough London gangster type, begins to interrogate him about a robbery. Apparently someone stole a stash of gold and diamonds from a safe hidden in a front. The man tied up says he doesn’t know anything, two guys whose voices he didn’t recognize hit the store where the safe was and stumbled onto the safe. They didn’t seem to be going after the safe and lucked out. Hill kills the man and tells some henchman to find these idiots.

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