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Fake Movie Friday – Q&A UPDATED!

This is my take on the “I’m obsessed with you, and someones gonna die” film.  It will be directed by David Slade.

The film opens with Aaron Mitchell and his wife Rachel getting ready in the morning.  They have a huge house and lots of waitstaff.  They live in the Hollywood Hills.  Aaron is played by Adrien Brody, and Rachel by Kate Beckinsale.  They get into a limo and head to the airport where a small plane is waiting for them.  Aaron’s agent, Frank Bradley, played by Giovanni Ribisi asks him why Aaron even still bothers going to these things, and Aaron says he likes being accessible to the fans.  They deserve it.  Frank replies “Yea right” and just like that the pilot takes off and tells them they will be landing in San Diego in a little over an hour.

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