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White Zombie

So I finished my top 5 zombie movies, so I’m now going to put up a zombie movie from every decade. For the 30’s the obvious go to is 1932’s White Zombie, the first zombie movie ever made. Keep in mind that this way before George Romero so these early zombie flicks are going to have more Haitian type zombies. These zombies are just mindless automatons that are controlled by Bela Lugosi’s character Murder Legendre (one of the best villain names). The trailer’s voice over is great, and definitely check the trailer out to get the tone of the film. Unfortunately the film itself does feel a bit like homework, but it is worth watching for Bela Lugosi’s performance. If you care about the history of zombie cinema White Zombie is required viewing. The full movie is below:

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Night of the Living Dead

If you know me then you know that I have an obsession with zombies. I’m going to start sharing some zombie movie trailers and there is no better place to begin than with Night of the Living Dead. George Romero created the modern concept of the zombie. Granted, the Haitian Zombie predates Night of the Living Dead and was first mentioned in 1929 with William Seabrook’s The Magic Island (I own a copy), but the concept of reanimated corpses eating the flesh of the living is all Romero. Night of the Living Dead is quite simply a masterpiece, and this trailer is a lot of fun.

Updated 9-12-12:
Oh man, how did I forget that Night of the Living Dead is actually in the public domain, so of course the entire movie would be on youtube:

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