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Harrison Ford will be back for Episode VII


According to Latino Review Harrison Ford will be back as Han Solo in the J.J.’s Star Wars movie. There seems to be a lot of cynicism over the news with people bringing up Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I get where they are coming from, but I think this could totally work. I’m all for bringing back Luke, Leia, and Han, with two reservations. One, they have to be mindful of what, as Devin Faraci calls it, “small universe crap”. That is, it seems like the universe revolves around the Skywalker family. And two, they have to kill off Luke, Leia or Han. It would give this new trilogy emotional weight, and allow the story to continue forward without being tied to much to the original trilogy. Just like Qui-Gon Jinn in Episode I and Obi-Wan in Episode IV, someone should die in this movie.

Via Latino Review

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First Ender’s Game Still

Here it is, the first still from the upcoming Ender’s Game movie. I love the hell out of the book series, and I am anxious to see what the movie will be like visually, particularly the battle room sequences. There isn’t too much to go on from this still except that the kids are older than in the novel (which makes sense, it would be impossible to find a bunch of six year olds who can act), and Harrison Ford looks good as Graff. I can’t wait for the trailer to really get a sense of what this will be like.

Via EW

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Early Spring Oscarbait: 42 Trailer

I can’t believe a Jackie Robinson movie hasn’t been made yet.  I feel like I’ve seen this film already, but it still looks good.  Smart move opening it right before baseball season, and getting a top draw (formerly) actor like Harrison Ford to co-star in it next to a relative unknown.  This movie should do very well and cost not a whole lot.

Only issue I have with the trailer is that ever prevailing idea of having modern music in old timey films.  I hate it.

But the movie looks legit:

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