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Fake Movie Friday: Healthy Living Through Sobriety

Thankfully Russ posted his movie, I always worry when I am the first one to post… Like maybe everyone forgot. Or they’re off having fun without me while I’m writing and they stopped caring… We’ll deal with these issues and more (no we won’t) in my latest movie! This will be another quick one, I’m just trying to figure out what this will be about… all I have right now is the title. I kinda like this title:

Healthy Living Through Sobriety

We open on 20-something Tyler, who is just being let out of jail for selling narcotics in Missouri. His parents are picking him up. There is a whole lot of voice overs that set up where he has been and what happened. There is also one of those very awkward car rides where no one says anything the whole trip and just stares forward.

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