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Brad Pitt in New Orleans Killing People

Brad Pitt’s a good actor, New Orleans is my favorite city, and Killing People is something I love seeing in my films.  So watching the trailer for Killing Them Softly, I am convinced this is going to be a great film.  It is directed by Andrew Dominik, who directed the brilliant, albeit long The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

I don’t know why The Weinstein Company swapped release dates with this and Tthe Master between September and October, but even if The Master is a lock for best picture nods, I think Killing Them Softly can also be a dark horse in the race.  Brad Pitt is an oscar favorite, though he hasn’t won, and the film has such a wealth of talent in it between Richard Jenkins, and James Gandofini etc, and Dominik.  I think this can break through.

But look at the trailer for yourself and be the judge:

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Fake Movie Friday: Stop, Drop, and Roll

I had absolutely no idea what to do this week. Russ suggested this title for me and I tried. Enjoy.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

The film opens up as fire investigator Charles Leary, played by Jeremy Renner, is giving a speech about how fires spread. It’s a scary speech that goes into violent detail about the power of fire. The camera pulls back and we see he is in 3rd grade classroom and the kids are shocked. He looks at the disappointed teacher, played by Elizabeth Banks, as she shakes her head at him. The principal steps in and asks the classroom what to do if they are on fire and they all shout “Stop, Drop and Roll!”

Outside Leary is smoking staring at the lighter. Quick cuts of fires and burned people flash on the screen and he drops it. The teacher, Rachel Hunter, picks it up and gives it back to him and it is clear they are dating. They talk about how he has become burnt out (they actually use this term) and jaded from his job. Fire Trucks zoom by as his phone rings. It’s the chief, played by James Gandolfini, standing outside a burning warehouse and says, “Get down here Leary. He’s back.”
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