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Fake Movie Friday – Polly and Max: Time’s Up

Today’s Fake Movie Friday comes along from the desire for hollywood to mine anything into profit no matter how ludicrous it sounds.  So why not take two moderately popular toy-lines from the early 90’s and spruce them up for a new generation of kids who knew jack shit about them, and make them so far from what they originally were that older people like me who remember it, think it’s an abortion.  READY. SET. GO!

Ok so Polly and Max stars AnnaSophia Robb as Polly Pocket and Alexander Ludwig as Mighty Max.  Since these toys never really crossed over, for film purposes Max and Polly are orphaned cousins who were taken in by their eccentric uncle Virgil played by Jim Broadbent.  It’s clear that he is some kind of scientist, but he’s wacky like Doc Brown.  Anyway as they both turn 18 on the same day, Virgil tells them that it’s time they knew the truth about their parents.  They come from a long line of Timekeepers.  Timekeepers are the balance of the world.  Anytime the catch wind that a bad guy is trying to go back in time or forward to change the course of history it was up to the Pocket family to stop them. Unfortunately 5 years ago (flashback sequence), an evil unlike anything they’ve ever seen named Erik Von SlechteMal, played by Jared Harris, defeated them.  He killed them by time jumping (which is ostensibly teleporting) them into a volcano.  Ever since then he’s been making slight changes to our timeline and gathering up an army to take over the world.  The feeling of deja vu you have is the slight changes he’s been making.  Now it is up to Polly and Max to learn how to be Timekeepers and put and end to SlechteMal before it’s too late.

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