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Movie Movie Podcast #47: We’re the Kick Ass Butlers

I was more or less at a loss for titles. We have a bunch of movies this week and this was the best I could come up with. Well maybe if I had given it more time it would have been better, but that’s neither here nor there. Actually I guess it is here. Anyway it’s been a couple of crazy weeks and we’re finally back to bitch about anything and everything we’ve seen to you all. Join Alex, Russ, Peter and myself as we discuss Lee Daniel’s The Butler, We’re the Millers, Kick Ass 2, Elysium and Lovelace. Recorded on August 28th 2013.

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Jim Carrey for Kick-Ass 2: Confirmed

Kick-Ass was one of the most surprising comic-book adaptations of recent years.  I expected very little, but got a violent, funny, action packed origin story in a way that is not annoying.  The film also highlighted Chloe Grace Moretz as a total badass and future babe ( I SAID FUTURE! ), so when they announced the sequel has been greenlit, despite my trepidation with the actual plot, I think it can be cool.  It’s already got a lot going for it in light of bringing all the original cast back, but the signings of resident Black-movie boyfriend Morris Chestnutt, John Leguizamo, and Donald Faison have added credence to my thinking it’s going to be good.

Additionally, in what could be super awesome, or super terrible, Jim Carrey has signed on to play a hero Colonel Stars.  I feel like Jim Carreys best days are behind him, but maybe this could be a reminder of what an awesomely fun guy he used to be before he got all old and weird.

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Who Are You Trying To Convince?

‘Kick Ass 2’ is getting close to production. Both the writing and directing duties are being taken over by Jeff Wadlow. Wadlow wrote and directed ‘Cry_Wolf’ which is only genius if you saw it in the same room as myself, Tigs, Dunn, and Alex. He also directed ‘Never Back Down’, the teen MMA movie.

Now he thinks he is an artist. Someone needs to remind him people liked the little girl slaughtering gangsters and saying cunt.

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