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Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Lemonade Factory

Title from Adam at the show last night. He kept shouting it out and Pete kept ignoring him, so I’m taking it upon myself to do this one. I honestly have no idea what to do with this one, I probably should have done something like all the people in the town are disappearing and it turns out they are making lemonade out of people, but instead…

Lemonade factory

The movie starts off with a bunch of workers going to a dock hoping to be called for work, it’s kind of like Cinderella Man but they are all hoping to get work at the local lemonade factory. Our main character, Jared, get’s the word and goes to the factory. There’s a conveyor belt with lemons on them, Jared picks up on at a time, puts the lemons into a squeezer, squeezes out the juice, puts the used lemon back onto a conveyor belt  and there is a stack of used lemons that it falls onto at the end.

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