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The Amazing Garfield 2 Webbs Up

Marc Webb’s involvement in the continuing adventures of younger sexy Spider-Man was up in the air for a bit but now he and star Andrew Garfield are confirmed to begin filming next year. the film is set to be released in May of 2014.
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Fake Movie Friday – Cup of Life

Cup of Life is a romantic drama written by Zoe Kazan and directed by Marc Webb.

Cup of Life is about second chances, love, loss, and learning how to live blah blah blah.  Anyway Cup of Life begins with a young man named Jonathan, played by Kit Harrington getting ready for work.  We get the hint from his answering machine, that his girlfriend has recently broken up with him and wants to get her stuff back.  He deletes her message and goes on getting ready for his day.  He walks out of his Greenwich Village apartment and hops on his bike.  He gets off and ties up his bike and heads into Cup of Life.  Once he goes inside he pulls out his macbook and starts writing.  It is clear that he is a writer and goes to coffee shops to write.  However right as he is about to begin writing the manager played by Geoffrey Arend tells him that he has to buy something first.  He goes to the front of the line with a pack of mints to buy and then the manager rudely tells him to get to the back of the line. When he finally gets to the front the manager, clearly just being a pain at this point tells him he has to buy a beverage, and they have a long drawn out back and forth over him just ordering a cup of regular coffee, when that is the only thing they don’t have on their menu.  The girl behind him, Laura, played by Zoe Kazan starts giggling over the exchange and when Jonathan doesn’t have enough money on him, she gives him an extra quarter.  He thanks her and grabs his latte and goes back to his table.
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Sony Wants Your Money

They want it real bad but they just aren’t sure how to get it. In a recent interview Sony exec Douglas Belgard talked about a few films in development and 80% of it is total bullshit.
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