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Fake Movie Friday – Snowblind

With Premium Rush coming out this weekend to be nothing other than a schlocky mess, I figure we are ripe to have some more EXTREME action movies coming out.  This film will be directed by any hack like Rob Cohen.

This film starts off with two brothers at the top of a gondola in Vail, Colorado.  They are all getting ready to ride down a diamond course and we see one of them , Rick, played by Mike Vogel is nervous.  He’s not as experienced as his older brother Ryan, played by Anson Mount.  Ryan encourages to just do it anyway, and when they begin to ride, an avalanche starts.  They attempt to out ride the avalanche and are doing well, but it starts to get faster and Rick, decides to ride up a half pipe (that is conveniently in the middle of the course) and get big enough air to grab on to a high tree branch.  His brother follows suit, but does not get enough air and grabs onto Ricks board. Rick tries to grab him and bring him up to safety, but Ryan says it’s too late, he’ll end up bringing them both down.  He says “never stop riding” and he falls in slow motion into the avalanche, and we assume he dies. Rick screams no, and at that moment a helicopter comes to get him out of the tree, and the the Title Card “SNOWBLIND” comes onto the screen.

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Fake Movie Friday – Kiss Cam

I made a Romantic Comedy.  Why?  Because they are easy as hell to make, and do well.

Kiss Cam is the latest romantic comedy from  Nicholas Stoller.  Kiss Cam stars Jason Segel and Natalie Portman.

The film opens up with a split screen shot of two couples, Ben and Michelle (played by Jason Segel and Elizabeth Banks), and Jane and Mike (played by Natalie Portman and Mike Vogel).  They are both rushing to get ready to go somewhere and we don’t really know where exactly.  Michelle doesn’t really want to go, and we see that Mike doesn’t either, but Ben and Jane are both pushing them to get ready faster.  Anyway they both get in the car and you can see they are both heading to Yankee Stadium.  When they arrive, Ben throws on a Derek Jeter jersey and Jane put on her green Red Sox cap and David Ortiz t-shirt.  It is clear these two are die-hard fans.  Anyway as they find their seats in the nosebleeds the split screen merges into one as they all sit down simultaneously next to each other.  As the game is going on we can see that Michelle and Mike really don’t have a lot of interest in the game.  Michelle thinks it’s boring, and Mike is texting and laughing at the response to the texts (we think he might be cheating).

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