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Movie Movie Podcast #42: The/Internship/Purge/About/Nothing 2

Well this one is a little awkward. We’re all over the place this week, and there are a lot of single person reviews. Sort of a new direction we’re trying. Remember how everyone liked new coke jokes? Then they got old and no one knows what new coke is anymore? It’s kind of like that. Join Peter, Alex, Russ and myself as we expel our anger with The Purge, explore the found footage of found footage horror movies with V/H/S 2, google ourselves with The Internship, and class it up a notch with Much a Do About Nothing. Recorded on June 13th 2013.

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A lot to do about everything

Holy crap this looks good. Good enough to get me to break my streak of nothing but Fake Movie Friday posts. Too bad the trailer has premiered as the same day as Hangover 3, which we will not be sharing on this site.

I want to see this so badly. It looks fantastic. I can’t wait. I watch this trailer and can’t help but think about how bad ‘The Great Gatsby’ looks compared to this film made in black and white by Joss Whedon. He shot it at his own home with a bunch of his friends.

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Whedon To Avenge Again!

Big important people at Disney have announced that Joss Whedon is coming back. He will be writing and directing the next Avengers film (which will probably have a subtitle taking cues from the non-Iron Man phase 2 films).
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