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Fake Movie Friday – Night of the Gargoyles

Colm comes up with another classic title. I’m not sure what he wanted here, but we’re gonna continue the story, something that we’ve all been waiting for. How weird can I make this?

Night of the Gargoyles

Present day New York City, cold, blistering winds, we’re in the year 2013 but it could be 2012 for all we know. After the events or 1996, when the Manhattan Clan of Gargoyles were both outed to the human world and accepted, people have forgotten about them. The world turned on them after the events of September 11th 2001, the Gargoyles were unable to stop the terrorist attack, as it happened during the day time and they were already turned to stone at that point. There are lots of newspaper articles that flash on the screen that show people no longer trust the Gargoyles. So they went into hiding in plain sight and the people of the city, and of the world, forgot about them. Even the other clans around the world went into hiding after what happened. Ex-cop Elisa Maza has been disgraced, shunned and let go from the force with no pension all because of her hopes and beliefs in the creatures, and she believes that we need them now more than ever. Too bad she is homeless and just shouting on the sidewalks, so no one believes her.  Continue reading

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