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Fake Movie Friday – Out To Lunch

Out to Lunch is a shitty slacker comedy starring Jesse Eisenberg, Adam Devine, and Teresa Palmer.

The basic structure is as follows: Two best friends, Nick (Eisenberg) and Seth (Devine), in their mid 20’s work in a mall at Sneaker store in middle america.  They are mostly content to dick around at work, piss off their boss, Mr. Franklin, played by Orlando Jones, and eat in the mall food court everyday.  They share an apartment that is a wreck and mostly drink beer, smoke drugs, and play xbox all day.  Life could not be better.  They don’t even care about girls.  That is until one day, their best gal play Renee, who works at the Chicken N’ Such in the food court informs them at lunch that she’s recently been dumped by her boyfriend who cheated on her then dumped her.  It’s clear both these dudes, have always had a thing for her, but since she was taken they didn’t think about it.

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