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Fake Movie Friday – Bride-along


I just realized I haven’t made a real lapse of logic shitsandwich in a few weeks, so here is my attempt at eye-rolls.

Bride-along stars Sandra Bullock in a role curiously similar to that of her character in Miss Congeniality.  She’s a no nonsense detective named Grace  who is engaged to be married to her longtime sweetheart, Ben played by Owen Wilson.  Grace is a total alpha woman and super tough, while Ben is a really laid back, “Californian” elementary schoolteacher.  They are pretty much opposites, but they make it work.  The opening credits of the film show the formative years of their relationship and all of the comic instances where Grace is super tough and Ben is a complete laid back, but also pussy about stuff.  As the montage scenes play on and Grace is a detective, it’s easy to notice that Ben wants commitment from her, and one day she eventually asks him to marry her.

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Whatever You Say Wes!

If Wes Anderson is going to make a movie, we are going to see it. ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ was one of the best movies of this year. Basic reports are coming out about his next film and I’m already in.
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