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The Art of The Teaser & How PTA is The Master


He did it again.  Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest teaser for his new film The Master, has me effectively captivated.  The score as well with it’s repetitive beats gets me further engrossed in the world.  The teaser is 1:31 long, but has me more into it’s world than whole films.

I think this could be PTA’s big Oscar winner.

Check it out:

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Catching Fire Casting and Actors Who Slum It?

So it’s being reported that an offer is out for Philip Seymour Hoffman to star as Plutarch “it begins at Midnight”  Heavensbee  in the next Hunger Games film Catching Fire to be directed by Francis Lawrence.  While I can’t really picture him as Plutarch, the head gamesmaker in the 75th Hunger Games, I have no doubt that he’d be able to do a fantastic job.   The only thing is that he is not what I would have thought for the character.

I guess I can be in on the casting commentary now because I have read all the books.  Prior to the first films release I finally read all three books and thoroughly enjoyed them, but I had the problem that I read it now with the actors from the film in mind.  I had seen enough commercials and trailers to know who was who, but it didn’t get in my way TOO much while reading.  However, once I got to Catching Fire and Mockingjay, the new characters introduced were uncharted territory.  My mind created strong depictions of Finnick, Beetee and Wiress, and Plutarch, based on actual actors this time, and not just whatever I imagined.  That being said, I saw Plutarch as more of a Michael Ironside.  If you know who that is, you know he’s played Plutarch-like roles almost all of his life.  For Hoffmann this type of role is a bit of a departure, but it’s just a little bit sad.

Who even knows if he’ll say yes though.

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