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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Pot Hole

Title from Pig Pile last night means no more board games. I may not have work today but my dad is staying at my place and finding time for this may be difficult. He’s in the shower. Let’s bang some of this out. This film will also try and solve racism, but in a terrible Gran Torino style.


Title card is displayed on a black screen as we hear cars going by. We start to hear the scraping of metal and clanks of them hitting potholes. An old grizzled man, Franklin, awakens in his bed to the noise. He looks annoyed as he slowly gets himself up and dressed. His house is tidy but bland. He sits down to make a phone call and the 311 operator, Derek, recognizes his voice. They chat as he complains again about the pothole as he does every morning. The two seem to have a friendship.

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