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Fake Movie Friday: 10:10

So I’m waiting for Zach to get here and we are going to go golfing. The trains are slow and I’ve decided to write a paranoid film in the style of 1408. REMEMBER 1408?! Cusack! Hotel Room! F it, this will be the reteaming of John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson. This is my most Tigs film.


The movie starts with our main character, John Cusack, on the phone with his friend, Samuel L. Jackson, one night. They are making plans to go golfing the next day as Cusack is making a pot of sleepy time tea. Samuel L. makes fun of him as Cusack slips a bit spilling the hot water on the stove. Samuel says he’ll be at John’s at 1030. John hangs up and walks away. He gets ready for bed and passes by a clock. The clock reads 10:10.
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Brad Pitt in New Orleans Killing People

Brad Pitt’s a good actor, New Orleans is my favorite city, and Killing People is something I love seeing in my films.  So watching the trailer for Killing Them Softly, I am convinced this is going to be a great film.  It is directed by Andrew Dominik, who directed the brilliant, albeit long The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.

I don’t know why The Weinstein Company swapped release dates with this and Tthe Master between September and October, but even if The Master is a lock for best picture nods, I think Killing Them Softly can also be a dark horse in the race.  Brad Pitt is an oscar favorite, though he hasn’t won, and the film has such a wealth of talent in it between Richard Jenkins, and James Gandofini etc, and Dominik.  I think this can break through.

But look at the trailer for yourself and be the judge:

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