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Movie Movie Podcast #24: Silver Lincoln Playbook

Eleven score and 4 days ago our egos brought forth on this continent a new podcast, conceived in enmity, and dedicated to the proposition that all movies are not created equal. Join Alex, Peter, Russ and myself as we recount Lincoln and have a group session about Silver Linings Playbook. Recorded on November 26th 2012.

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David O’Russell & Bradley Cooper Make OSCARBAIT?

The trailer for the Bradley Cooper/Jennifer Lawrence vehicle Silver Linings Playbook just made its way on the web.  It also stars Robert DeNiro, John Ortiz, and the oft-reclusive Chris Tucker in a comedy about two screwed up people who meet and fall in love.  From the trailer I get the sense that this would like to be Oscarbait, but will settle for Golden Globesbait, and who wants that? It’s adapted from a book that I haven’t read.

One interesting thing is that it appears Lawrence is playing mid to late 20’s in this film when she’s actually like 21, and still capable of aging down to play high schoolers.  She’s in that elusive sweetspot for female actresses where you are up for damn near any role Hollywood throws out between 16 and 32.  She’ll be in everything soon, until she ages like Pfeiffer and they take her out to the glue factory.

Check it:

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