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Fake Movie Friday: The Legacy of Taft

Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to my 25th Fake Movie Friday! In celebration I have decided to write the third and final installment of the Taft Trilogy. I’ve really enjoyed writing these and I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. If you are a jerk and haven’t read William Taft: Demon Slayer or Children of Taft get on it!

The Legacy Of Taft
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Fake Movie Friday: Children of Taft

Sorry I’m late today, but here’s what you’ve been waiting for! The long awaited follow up to the acclaimed film William Taft: Demon Slayer click the link to read part one if you missed it or want a refresher! Enjoy!

Children of Taft

We open exactly where William Taft Demon Slayer left off. It’s 1930, Former President Taft has just exploded unleashing a mass of demons and his three children Robert, Helen, and Charles prepare to fight them.
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