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Fake Movie Friday: The Mystic

So I’m in the office when I don’t have to listening to the Les Mis soundtrack for about the 54592th time and this jumped into my brain.  A 1970’s rollerskating film.

The Mystic

The Mystic is THE friday night spot for red blooded American teens in Bainesville, Indiana.  It’s a pretty boring town, without a lot of excitement, except for these friday nights.  The high schoolers all go The Mystic.  It’s the most happening rollerskating rink around.  Cue a scene of a bunch of kids rollerskating around and doing tricks while typical 70’s music plays.  DJ Goodvibes announces the star rollerskating duo, FlashFunk are about to take to the rink and perform a new routine.  It’s really really good and we pan closer to a kid watching them named Dale.  He’s a good skater, but aspires to be as good as these guys.  After they perform he asks if they can give him some pointers.  They say sure and take Dale under their wing.  This makes him more popular than he’s ever been.  He gets home late that night and his single father is pissed.  Says dancing wont get him anywhere in life blah blah blah.

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