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Fake Movie Friday Vol. 2: Tomorrow Didn’t Come

Making this a quick one, just got a bunch of texts from Pete with titles suggestions. I’m not even gonna spell check this one, that’s how fast it will be written. I think I wrote this exact one a few weeks ago…

Tomorrow Didn’t Come

Julia and Jim have been living together for 10 years, and have been dating for 15, but never got married. They’d spoken about it before and answer questions about it, but they just felt the time had come and past and that it wouldn’t be the big celebration that they wanted because of how long it’s been. They have their routine they follow and it’s been getting them by. Julia leaves early in the morning for her job at the hospital, and sometimes sleeps there overnight, while Jim works from home as an architect. But Jim has actually been preparing to finally ask Julia to marry him, all of their parents are ready to meet them at their house in the suburbs that night after work.

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