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Movie Movie Podcast #12: Total Revolution ’12

Welcome to Movie Movie Podcast, where we make all of your dreams come true.  Well plus or minus 40% of your dreams will come true. In fact just come in with an open mind, a couple of dreams to choose from and we’ll see what we can make happen. Join Alex, Peter, Russ and myself as we explore the intricate workings of the mind in Total Recall ’12 and freak out some squares while making our voices heard about Step Up: Revolution. As a bonus, Russ gives us a run down of the previous three Step Up movies and Pete becomes furious. Recorded on August 12th 2012.

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Total Recall Trailer Three

Well, actually it’s trailer 2 but check out 0:24 and you’ll see why I’m officially behind this remake.

At first I was against remaking this film. They premiered footage at last years New York Comic Con and I forgot about my allegiance to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now this trailer makes it seem even better.

I can’t wait to be disappointed by this film.