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Fake Movie Friday – Grand Pliè

That show on ABC Family, Bunheads, is about Ballet and is doing well, so why not make a Ballet movie? That is where today’s film comes from.

The movie begins with a group of women rushing to Grand Central station.  We don’t know what the hurry is, but we see as one of them checks her watch that it’s 4:55pm.  When they finally arrive at the station, they spread out, and begin to gracefully pickpocket commuters leaving work and heading to their trains.  They have extremely elegant movements.  Some would even think they were Ballet dancers their leaps, pliès and motions are so graceful.  Anyway, they get back to their loft-like hideout, and their leader Stitch, played by Michelle Rodriguez, says they need to do better.  They only got $1,000 which will only last the 5 of them for another month.  They need to start getting better.  We see one of the girls, Mira, played by Chloe Moretz doesn’t look happy.  She says, isn’t there another way we could make money?  Stitch has a long monologue about how she found Mira when she was abandoned years ago by her foster parents and raised her as her own.  This is the only life she knows, and the only life she’ll ever know. The other nondescript, but racial diverse girls tell Mira to just relax, and they all get the stretching and taking off their dancer shoes or whatever.

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