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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Über Driver

Title comes from Pig Pile last night. I can’t say whether or not they meant it with the umlaut or not. I’ve chosen to include it because I think it will make for a more interesting movie.

Über Driver

A young couple get make out on the street. The girl looks pretty drunk and the guy is aggressive. A ride share service car pulls up and they get in. Things go down hill for the two and she starts to get angry with him. He is unrelenting and hits her. The car comes to a screeching halt. The guy yells about how the driver should stay out of their business before he is yanked out of the car and thrown across the street in the air with superhuman strength. The driver gets back in the car and asks her where she wants to be dropped off, in a thick German accent. He tells her that it will be free of charge and not to worry. Title card.

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