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Fake Movie Friday – The Law Of the Jungle

I brought up the fact a while ago that there hasn’t really been any R rated monster movie franchises recently.  Hollywood is fine with making Alien, Predator, and to a lesser extent Terminator movies instead of innovating and creating something new.  Inspired by Predator, The Expendables and Left 4 Dead here is my attempt to create a monster movie franchise:

The Law of the Jungle
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Though it was beautiful, in the end ‘Prometheus’ turned out to be an unnecessary prequel. It did little to explain what it was meant to. It just as well could have been another film. I’m going to do the same thing for Fake Movie Friday today. Here’s my prequel to ‘Pitch Black.’


We open on a small colony of Terra-formers on the planet from ‘Pitch Black.’ A few men are spilling out of a bar fighting. A single gunshot is heard and they turn to find our main character Davis, played by Zoe Saldana. The men stop fighting and are clearly a bit scared of her. She’s chief of security and a total hard-ass. Davis is her last name so you know she’s tough as NAILS!
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