Fake Movie Friday: Immediate Surrender

Another day, and I again have no idea what to write for this FMF. How about something with the title:

Immediate Surrender

We start on an Special Forces training ground where a group of 6 soldiers are readying for a mission. The 6 soldiers (Rex, A-Train, B-Town, Reggie, Payne and Chief), 6 of the most highly decorated soldiers they have, finish what they were doing and are brought into a briefing room. Major Xen, who wears an eye patch, tells them they have a very important mission and goes through all the plans. There is a heavily fortified building in Cambodia that is housing a group of militia that are carrying nuclear and bio chemical weapons. They need to do this quietly, take out the enemy, neutralize the threat, etc etc. The whole time Xen is overly racist and makes a lot of references to blowing them off the map.

So the team gets ready to go and theres a bunch of them on the plane headed to the facility. They get there and theres a lot of them sneaking in and setting up a perimeter and such. They try to contact their home base but coms are down. Once inside everything seems eerily quiet, they check all the rooms and find nothing. They finally end up in a giant room. They see one person, kneeling on the ground with dozens of dead bodies around. There is blood all over the walls and floor. They shout to him and go up to him but he puts up no fight, just stays there kneeling. They zip tie his hands behind his back and try to call base but still get no answer.

So they question him, he knows english to make the whole scene a lot easier to watch. He tells them he came in and everything was like this. They don’t believe him. They ask him about all the things Xen told them but he says there is nothing like that around here and that this is a simple slave labor type clothing factory. They continue to call home but they are still unable to. The soldiers start to look around the factory and notice some weirdness. Soon they discover explosives all around the inside of the factory. They go back and question their hostage again who tells them he knows nothing. Soon the group starts to turn on one another, shouting, pointing guns at one another etc.

The prisoner asks the soldiers who sent them and they start to put together all the pieces. We see flash backs of Xen, from pieces of the movie that we never saw, with plans to attack. Then Xen comes on the com, “so you figured it out?” He’s apparently been listening in the whole time and the coms have been fine. They were going to destroy the factory with the 6 of them in it to start a war. They tell him he’ll never be able to get away with it, but he clicks a button and BOOM.

(trying to end this movie now, so bored)

The movie ends with news reports about these decorated soldiers being killed by terrorist forces and that the president has signed off to invade countries, blah blah blah.


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