Fake Movie Friday: Knockout Nanny

Did you ever see Mr Nanny? Yeah I still watch it all the time. Kind of like that. Or The Pacifier, etc etc etc.

I present for your reading pleasure: Knockout Nanny

Julie has been the nanny for the Henderson’s for 5 years now. She’s 29, handles 13 year old Niles and the 7 year old Amanda very well. They both love her and she them. Mr Henderson, Jeffry (played by Hank Azaria), works long hours for the government on top secret projects. Mrs Henderson, Rachel, is an alcoholic, but a lovable, competent one who has more hilarious situations than disastrous.

There are scenes of Julie chasing the kids around, getting them ready for school, Rachel is passed out at the kitchen table and Jeff is running out the door. Julie is able to drive the kids to school, go grocery shopping and keep the Henderson’s life sane. She is also a black belt in muay thai kickboxing. We see scenes of her in her gym training with her master, Jin.

We find out Niles is a bit of a prankster, always getting in trouble at school for flushing cherry bombs, setting traps for teachers, etc. Amanda also gets sent to the principals office but its because she is smarter than most of her class and her teacher.

Julie picks the kids up one day and when she brings them home the house has been broken into. Rachel is passed out at the table still and didn’t see anything. It looks like they were trying to find something in Jeff’s work.

We see Amanda helping Niles with his homework and later helping her dad with his work. He has some breakthrough and rushes to work with Amanda.

Niles goes with Julie to train one day when Jin isn’t around and its very cute. When they get back to the house Julie is knocked on the head, Niles runs into the house. They bring Julie into the house as well where we can see Rachel still passed out. Julie struggles to free herself. When she comes to they tell her they are there to take the kids. She says they’ll never make it out of the house alive if that’s what they want.

Niles appears at the top of the stairs in the house and eggs on the burglers. They go after him and its a Home Alone type of situation. The kids run downstairs and attempt to free Julie, one of the robbers corners them and slowly creeps toward them. As he’s about to capture them Rachel hits him in the head with an empty whiskey bottle. “It was empty anyway” she says.

Knowing what happened they call Jeff’s work but it seems that neither he nor Amanda made it. Julie interrogates one of the captives and gets him to tell them where their hideout is.

They get to the hideout and Niles sets up some traps outside. Rachel is passed out in the back seat, she already had her moment. There are plenty of guards everywhere with guns. Julie makes short work of all of them, Niles is near and shouting commentary like on HBO.

Lots of fighting. Julie beats the crap out of everyone.

They find the room where Amanda and Jeff are being held. Jeff is being tortured and they are threatening to torture Amanda. Julie kicks down the door. It turns out the kidnapper is Jin. There is a huge match between Julie and Jin. Julie starts of losing but hears Amanda crying in the background. There’s a slow motion shot of her picking her self off the mat with blood and sweat dripping from her face. She motions to Jin to attack her, he is more than happy to oblige.

Julie makes short work of him now, and with one final upper cut kocks Jin dozens of feet back, spinning the whole time.

Julie frees Amanda and Jeff, they head back to the car. Jin comes running out of the building, and Julie gets into her fighting stance. Jin gets close but is caught by on of Niles’ traps, leaving him hanging from a tree.

They get to the car, Rachel wakes up in the back and asks, “did I miss anything exciting?” They all laugh and drive home.


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