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Captain Marvel

We’ve said many times here that the Marvel Movie Universe needs more women. Black Widow is not enough and Maria Hill was a giant disappointment. The front runner needs to be Carol Danvers, former Ms. Marvel and now current Captain Marvel.

Black Widow clearly has a history with Hawkeye and is sexy so tony Stark plays with that. She would be a great character to play off Captain America and Thor. She is more of a soldier as opposed to Widow’s spy character. This would definitely lead to fun with Captain America and Thor would be very funny with a powerful woman.

With the movies currently heading in the cosmic direction this is perfect for Danvers. You don’t necessarily need the male Captain Marvel to accidentally share his power with her and have it some be cosmic event. It is a popular theory that the girlfriend of Agent Phil Coulson hinted at in the Avenger’s film is Carol Danvers. This would put her squarely into the fight and possibly angry with the Avengers crew.

The new series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick starts this week. It’s a great issue #1 that has two cameos from Captain America and Spider-Man to show to new readers how Carol fits into the rest of the Marvel U. The rest of the issue sets up her emotional place both taking up the new name and cementing her love of flight and the women who inspired her.

Dexter Soy is on art duties and impresses immensely. The art reminds me a great deal of Stefano Caselli’s work on Secret Warriors. He handles the look of her flight and speed extremely well.

The new costume was designed by Jamie McKelvie and makes her look more like a soldier and superhero at the same time.

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