Nicolas Cage is Left Behind!

Nicolas Cage has signed on to star in a reboot of the Left Behind series.  Left Behind was a film starring Kirk Cameron that came out about 10 years ago and was basically a film about the rapture that the religious right ate up with a spoon.  It’s based on a series of books that cater to Evangelical and Born Again Christian types.  Not saying all of those people are bad, but the ones who push their beliefs on everyone and make laws a referendum on religion definitely are bad.

Anyway the writers of the original film must have gotten the hollywood money bug, because they want to reboot the series to be more accessible and more disaster film based.  I don’t know how you parse the religion out of this property, but it’s my guess that they are going to try and make modestly budgeted disaster films with a recognizable actor, and have the films hit you in the religious sense from more of a subliminal point.  However, where this is going to go wrong is anyone who is fervently religious and born again, is pretty much incapable of telling an understated story.  The religion is going to smack you in the mouth probably more, just now with a bigger budget.

I hate everything about this.

Also: Did Nicolas Cage officially throw in the towel?

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