The Voice

Ferrell vs. Galifianakis is the big selling point of the upcoming film ‘The Campaign.’ There is unlimited potential for this film. Not all of it good. It could be this incredible comedy. It could be a huge box office smash. It could mysteriously bomb. I could love it. I could want to dig my eyes out as everyone on the subway quotes it.

The first few posters were selling it for me. What worried me the most were their voices. The two of them were not going to speak normally, especially Galifianakis. His voices from previous work really wouldn’t fit the Carolinian political candidate. Now we have a trailer-

This isn’t exactly a high concept film, but it does hang on the believability of two huge stars playing two huge characters. We have to be with them the entire time. I’m not with Galifianakis through the first half of this trailer.

His weak voice doesn’t work well against Ferrell’s sudo-Bush. It’s that faux-homosexual voice that Hollywood eats up. How does this fit? Why not give him something else. This voice will make people under 17 giggle, but it’s almost insulting. The voice even tones down half-way through the trailer. I’m worried about this film. Galifianakis needs a hit besides Hangover. His Robert Downey Jr. road trip movie was a colossal mistake.

Ferrell is not safe himself. He needs Galifianakis here. ‘Anchorman 2’ is going to make him a lot of money, but the public is getting bored of him. ‘Anchorman 2’ needs to be a triumphant return to form and not a limping back to what works.

Basically this is a movie that can easily just piss me off. Let’s not do that please.

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