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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Inner Workings

So I thought I started this two weeks early but then I forgot to ask for a title at Pig Pile last night. Tigs sent me a lot of vague titles, which are the best to think over and put together.

Inner Workings

A young boy, Robbie, plays inside. His mother sternly asks him to go outside. He is being too loud and his father is trying to sleep. He heads out to play looking a bit sad. A truck approaches and two men unload a tall covered object and head towards his door. He runs behind them and his mother tells him to stay out of the way. He slowly moves around the corner trying to see what it is as he hears his mother talking to his dad telling her that the things from his father’s estate have arrived commenting it took them long enough since the funeral was last week. Robbie comes around the corner to find a huge, beautiful, and intricate grandfather clock.

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