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Fake Movie Friday: The Last Time I Talked to Harry

Hey party people! Back to asking Tigs for suggestions and writing this at work because I am super bored. I have an idea for the frame of this film but have no clue where it is actually going. Hopefully it works out.

The Last Time I Talked to Harry

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Fake Movie Friday LIVE: A Bridge Too Gwar

Happy Friday everybody! This is a special edition of FMF because not only did I get the title of the film last night at Pig Pile, I also wrote it LIVE in front of the audience. If you had to see one piece of performance art yesterday you should have been there and not at something Banksy was doing. Thanks to Brian for the title. I’ve made some changes since last night.

A Bridge Too Gwar

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Movie Movie Podcast #49: Prisoners with a Chance of Gravity Chapter 2

After a bit of a break we’re back to give you more of what you want. Us! Short dek this week, eh? Join Peter, Russ, Alex and myself as we discuss Insidious Chapter 2, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, Gravity and Prisoners on this episode of the Movie Movie Podcast! Recorded on October 8th 2013.

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Fake Movie Friday: The Beginnings’ End

Just got home from Comic Con. My feet hurt, I’m tired, but duty is duty. So here we go. I hope it makes sense. I hope I get an idea soon. Not yet, here comes one. Nope. Maybe now? Still no. HERE WE GO. I thought of an idea that turned out to be “30 Minutes or Less”. Adam gave me this title.

The Beginnings’ End

The movie opens with a man, Adam, running down the street from the police. One of his hands is in handcuffs. He escapes from the police into a warehouse and catches his breath. He pulls his jacket off and places it over his arm and walks away calmly.

He walks into an apartment building and rides the elevator up. He knocks on a door and it opens into a pot smoke filled apartment. “How’s the movie?” the person asks. Adam looks confused and tells him he needs his help. They get the cuff off and Adam’s friend tells him about a job. Adam is hesitant for he’s already in some trouble. His friend tells him “trouble never ends”.
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Fake Movie Friday: Parallel II

Every time I have a Friday off I forget about Fake Movie Friday. Even though my plan when I woke up was to beat Saints Row and then write a film. Now I’m pressed for time AND THAT UNHELPFUL A-HOLE Tigs isn’t currently on Gchat to give me a title. I guess I’ll write the companion film to Parallel. You will not understand this movie without reading Parallel.

Parallel II

The movie opens with the ending of Parallel. Dan is on the roof trying to plead his case to Agent Crisp. Dan tackles him off the building and we see Dan’s smile. The camera pauses and rewinds a bit and we see Crisp wake up in a bed. Next to him is a woman who kisses him and gets up calling him Kyle. Kyle sits up and we see a wedding ring on his finger.
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