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Fake Movie Friday: No One Sleeps in the City

It’s been a long 3 weeks in a row where I haven’t gotten a title from Tigs. Frankly I think he was sad about it. I promised him this week that I would come straight to him for a title and as always he delivers

No One Sleeps in the City

Movie opens with on screen texts recounting the 100th Monkey Phenomenon. How monkeys on one island learned a skill and the same species across the ocean on another island mysteriously learned it. Evolution jumps. We then see a montage of New Yorkers partying all night, working through the night and basically being out 24 hours a day.
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Fake Movie Friday: Mr. Garbageman

Happy Friday everyone. Last night was Pig Pile thus the title this week was audience produced. This one comes from my roommate Adam. I haven’t decided what it is about yet. So let’s wing it

Mr. Garbageman

Movie opens as a garbage truck makes its stops early one morning through the city. At one corner as the garbageman is tossing bags into the back he hears a noise. He movies some things around to find a baby, abandoned in the trash. He looks at it inquisitively and calls for the driver. The driver comes around and groans like he doesn’t need this grief. Cut to the cops there with the same blank stare looking down at the child. One cop groans the same groan and picks it up into the car. He scribbles a note onto his pad and places it onto the child. It simple says Garbageman. In the hospital the nurse at the front desk groans and takes the baby. Scribbling only garbageman on the chart. A doctor arrives to check on the baby. He groans and says, “So this is the garbageman child?” The title screen and credits roll over the paperwork being passed on an processed, naming this baby Joe Garbageman.
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Movie Movie Podcast #48: You’re the World’s Riddick

FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED! FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED! FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED!! FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED! FOOTBALL SEASON STARTED!!! Join Russ, Alex, Peter and myself as we discuss the finer points of Riddick, The World’s End, Labor Day, The Grandmaster and You’re Next. Recorded on September 11 2013.

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Fake Movie Friday: Parallel

So in a strange twist this week I thought of a film idea BEFORE a title! Crazy right? Usually this means I have a big idea that doesn’t actually translate to paper that well and by the end of it I am ashamed.


Movie starts as an office door flies open as a couple burst through kissing. He gets the blinds as she begins to undress. He picks her up onto the desk. Voice over-“That’s not me.” The camera pulls back outside the building into a window of a neighboring office building as a man sits getting yelled at, “That’s me.”
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Fake Movie Friday: Monks on High

Tigs gave me this title last week. It was pretty great but that Arthur Tribb one NEEDED to be written immediately. I’m pretty exhausted waiting for my last meeting to arrive so who knows how this will turn out.

Monks on High

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