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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Summer of Love

Oh man, I almost beat Pete but he just posted before me. Damn.

Summer of Love

A Doors song plays on the soundtrack makes it clear that it is summer 1967. Three hippies, Daisy, Fred and Jamal smoke on the top of their van. Daisy has flowers in her hair, Fred wears big sunglasses and has long hair and a beard, Jamal has a sweet Afro. They are having a rambling stoned conversation. The conversation takes a serious turn when they begin talking about the war. Jamal cuts them off saying they shouldn’t think about that now, there’s time for those thoughts later that night. Daisy brings up movies and they start discussing Bonnie and Clyde.

We cut to a wealthy middle aged couple getting ready to go out. As the man is putting on his tux and the woman her makeup, they are also discussing Bonnie and Clyde. We cut back and forth between the conversations, the couple hated the movie. They didn’t like the glorification of violence and felt like the level of violence was completely gratuitous, especially at the end. The hippies on the other hand, loved it. They felt it was a transgressive work of art. As the wealthy couple are walking out the door the woman says that hopefully they will have a better time tonight, but she doesn’t have high hopes. The man says if it’s a bust they can just go rob a bank. The woman hits him playfully. We cut back to the hippies who are getting ready to leave. They are still discussing the movie. Daisy starts the van and says, “no one can disagree that that movie made violence beautiful.” As the van pulls away we can see through the window into the backseat. It is filled with guns.
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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Curley Sue’s Last Stand

Title from Tigs, clearly he nailed it in one. He also made the typo, which I am keeping and making it a part of the plot.

Curley Sue’s Last Stand

James Curley, an older man, sits outside his cabin in the woods. A fancy Cadillac pulls down the dirt road and a man in a suit exits. The well-dressed man addresses him as Sue. James has really curly hair and has always been referred to as Curley Sue. He asks Sue if he had time to look over the mining company’s proposal to buy his land. Sue point over to the side of the house at his wood chipper littered with white pieces of paper. The man shakes his head and tells him it was a generous offer. Sue says he agrees and tells the man to get off his land.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Thieves in the Night

I started this on my phone earlier and accidentally deleted it. Trust me, the original opening was beautiful. Title from Tigs! It’s been a while since I’ve written one this long. Sorry.

Thieves in the Night

A young boy sets up a pair of binoculars on his windowsill. He’s watching a cornfield across the street. The wind blows the stalks aside and he sees a shadow in them. He gets scared but looks again and this time there is no wind but they continue to move as if something is traveling through them. He jumps over to his bed hiding as he hears the creaking of wood outside his window. He rolls out of bed to hid under it trying to get his flashlight on until something grabs him and pulls him out. He tries to scream but a strange shadowy hand covers his mouth.

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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Sputnik

Got this one out in record time.


It’s 1957 in the USSR and Sergei wakes up a minute before his alarm goes off. He gets ready for the day. The camera is focused on his face as he moves about and a sad song is playing in the background (think of the beginning of BoJack). We see his wife Xenia in the background trying to calm down their two children. Sergei barely has any emotions. He gets to work and he sits down behind his desk, exhales and smiles.

There are blueprints and rocket models all over his desk. He has a large office. One of his coworkers knocks on his door. Sergei greets him warmly. The coworker (Georgi) has a grave look on his face and says he has been hearing some scary rumors about a change of priorities from the higher ups. Sergei tells him not to worry, that everything is on schedule and he is sure everything will be fine.
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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Ice Cream Socialite

Title from Tigs after he gave me a couple Fate of The Furious flavored ones. I don’t think I’m ready to open that can of worms so here we go instead.

Ice Cream Socialite

Clarissa wakes up in her fancy NYC park side penthouse. Her older husband is already in a suit ready to head to work. He tells her that he will be out of town for a day or two. They have a discussion that borders on argument that they have clearly done before about how she is bored but he doesn’t want her to work. We get the sense that she has bigger ideas and dreams. She heads out to the park and runs into a huge line of people at an ice cream cart.

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Fake Movie Friday vol 2: Missile Command

Yeah yeah I’m a day late, but I didn’t want to skip too weeks in a row. This is basically the Last Starfighter but inspired but very recent events.

Missile Command

Aisha a high school student is playing Missile Command on an arcade cabinet. It’s clearly the 80s from the clothing and they are playing ‘Come On Eileen’ on the pizza shop’s sound system. She is getting the high score but the missiles start moving too fast and she gets a game over.
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Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Master’s Master

Let’s get right into this one. This is something I say when I don’t quite have an idea yet but I want to start typing. Title comes from a list Tigs texted me last week on a plane.

The Master’s Master

Peng is a young Chinese teen studying Kung Fu in a time that comes before now (zero research y’all). He is the star pupil out of a very small group training with Master Zhou. His best friend is Luke, a white European because Hollywood is afraid this movie won’t make money without one.

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