Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: The Master’s Master

Let’s get right into this one. This is something I say when I don’t quite have an idea yet but I want to start typing. Title comes from a list Tigs texted me last week on a plane.

The Master’s Master

Peng is a young Chinese teen studying Kung Fu in a time that comes before now (zero research y’all). He is the star pupil out of a very small group training with Master Zhou. His best friend is Luke, a white European because Hollywood is afraid this movie won’t make money without one.

The two youths are cleaning up late one night in a storm when someone knocks at the door. A messenger comes in making a great commotion. The boys try to quiet him as to not wake their master. Master Zhou comes down and seems upset until he recognizes the messenger. They speak and hushed tones as Zhou looks over the letter. He tells the two to pack him a bag.

Peng and Luke pack Zhou’s things and are confused over what is happening. Unable to find him they are surprised to see him coming from the armory. Zhou seems ready for battle. He tells them that his master was killed. He tells them that code demands that he must avenge the death. He leaves Peng in charge and heads out.

Sometime has gone by and Peng is trying his best to keep the school running. He is worried about Zhou when a letter arrives saying Zhou was killed. Luke tries to console Peng who then decides it is up to him to avenge Zhou and his Master. Luke is shocked and doesn’t think this is a good idea. A man killed their master and their master’s master, how could Peng stand a chance?

The friends fight a bit and Luke leaves angry. In the morning as Peng readies himself for his journey he finds Luke waiting for him. Luke tells him that he can’t let him go alone. Peng is happy to have his friends company and they head out together.

They find a village under attack by bandits. Fighting off the bandits they are welcomed in and Peng starts a flirtatious relationship with a young woman and you just know Luke’s got some quips for him. They learn of the warlord who is responsible for the deaths of the masters.

They begin making quick raids on the warlord’s men to weaken his hold in the area. The warlord retaliates on neighboring villages. Peng can hold off no longer and heads off without Luke. He fights off many before being saved by a returning Luke who gets a great moment. Peng confronts the warlord and challenges him with his hordes looking on with Luke’s life also in danger. Peng wins with heart and determination or something dumb like that.




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