Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Sheep’s Clothing

I’m writing this on a plane! I’ve now written FMFs on trains, in cars, in bars, on the toilet, and now a plane. I need to write one on a boat next. Also this plane has the Arnold classic ‘The Running Man’ so I’m having the best time. Did you know: The Running Man takes place in 2017? Title is from Tigs who is about 8 rows behind me.

Sheep’s Clothing

Kara is driving her car through a terrible storm. She passes a sign that says ‘State Penitentiary’. The storm knocks her off the road and a tornado is seen in the distance.

She wakes up in a cabin the storm still raging. An older woman sits by her telling her she is safe. The storm is bad and they found her while her and her husband were looking for shelter from the storm. She gets up to find a small group gathered. Annette and her husband Roger (the older couple). Chris- a college age nerd, Stacy- a rich older woman, Jack- the 30-something owner of the cabin, and Carlos- shabby looking 20-something.

They get a long fine for a bit but tensions are high, as they all seem nervous. Some arguments about trying to get back on the road or find a way to get help, others just want to wait it out. The storm is raging too hard and trees are down everywhere. They start to discuss the tornado and the huge sounds of destruction they heard. A knock is heard at the door and in comes falling in a injured man dressed in prison gear. He passes out.

They are all scared and worried when he wakes up and says his prison bus crashed not too far from here possibly hours ago, he’s not sure. He says some prisoners may have escaped and are at large. They leave him be and start to argue. Someone checks on the guard and finds him dead. They start to panic that one of them is a prisoner and killed the guard.

Of course the older people are racist and blame Carlos who has blood on his hands and tattered clothes. Carlos claims it is from carrying the guard in and that they have no proof that someone in the house killed the guard. Jack tries to calm them down and that he won’t have any violence in his cabin.

Factions start to form and Kara watches as Roger and Stacy start to look for clues and point more fingers. Jack and Kara start to get friendly and Chris seems a bit weird with everything. Not all of them have IDs because they left them in their cars when they abandoned them so it’s unclear who is really who they are claiming to be.

Roger and Stacy get Chris to help them detain Carlos. There is a struggle and Carlos is stabbed by Chris. They all panic and don’t understand why Chris had a knife on him. He acts weird about it and Annette points the finger at him. He is detained and locked in a bathroom. The storm continues to rage.

Kara feels bad and goes to check on Chris and finds him dead. She screams and the others gather around and the panic level rises. They start to blame Kara who seems terrified and another fight starts. Annette falls over and splits her head open. Roger freaks out and grabs the knife. Kara backs away into a side table that topples over. The drawer opens up and a picture flies out of a family. Jack is not pictured. She finds others and no photos of Jack but more of this other family at the cabin.

Kara turns to see Jack with a knife of his own and slits Rogers throat before shooting Annette and Stacy with a gun we can assume he took from the correctional officers. He explains that he didn’t want this. He just wanted to wait out the storm and get out. He gets all weird and creepy and Kara runs from him out into the storm.

She makes her way to her car and opens the trunk. Earlier they were discussing what everyone was doing out this way but no one asked her. She takes out a compound bow. She’s a hunter. She takes off into the woods and the hunt is on. She stalks Jack and puts 3 arrows into him but he’s still alive. She comes in close for the kill and finally puts one through his eye. The storm begins to clear.

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