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Fake Movie Friday: 100 Knights

Hey look! It’s week 100. I have so many people to thank. Not, really. Just Tigs, the Brando Moreau to my weird tiny dude. But anyway, as I’ve said, really more excited for 104, bringing me to 2 years of wasting my time and yours.

100 Knights

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Fake Movie Friday: Don’t Let Them In

So I’m not entirely sure what the nice gal at Pig Pile last night said. The title may or may not have had don’t. Whatever. Jaspers lost so life is meaningless. Been doing a lot of horror stuff lately and this just screams it.

Don’t Let Them In

We start at on old farm, the wind rustles and the corn starts moving in a strange way, like an unseen force is pushing through it. An old man stands by the door looking around though he sees nothing. He turns and walks back down the hall but hear’s a voice say ‘Help.’ He turns to see a small child in rags at the door. He lets the child in, and the wind pushes him back. The door is hard to close as if something is pushing from the other side. We cut to a wide shot of the house, the mans scream is heard, we cut to day time, the house looks decades older is in shambles.

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Fake Movie Friday: The Morning After

Greeting friends! I don’t have a ton to say right now so let’s get right to it. Title comes from Tigs, who puts my Cat in a Hat

The Morning After

We open with a helicopter shot looking down on a small cabin. At a high speed we have a single car drive up, the lights coming on, someone skinny dipping in the lake behind it, a few more cars showing up, a party, some people leaving, a mysterious figure entering, people being chased, people being killed, a car crashing, a car driving into the lake, and finally as the run is rising a 4 people running from the burning house. Cut to title card.

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Movie Movie Podcast #53: Oscarcast 2014



The 86th Academy Awards happened and we have a lot of opinions about it! Not to mention a brief run in with Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos. Join Russ, Alex, Peter and myself as we discuss the winners and losers at the 86th Academy Awards. Recorded on March 5th 2014.

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Fake Movie Friday: Yellow #9

I can’t wait until I get to 2 years. Finally all my hard work will mean for something. Granted the something is a small sense of personal accomplishment and not the great feeling that comes with the knowledge that people read these. Cause no one does. Title from Tigs, who puts the Thomas in my Tank Engine.

Yellow #9

We open on a montage of animal testing. Mice, dogs, and Chimps being fed food with some chemical additive. A man in a suit comes in and tells the scientist they are ready to move on with the production plans. The scientist tries to resist but the man tells him they have seen no adverse effects in any of the animals. The scientist gives in and gets back to work. The camera pans around to the cages of the animals and one of the mice begins to twitch violently.

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Movie Movie Podcast #52: Keep the Train Mowing

So I call this one episode 53 right at the beginning, which is incorrect (obviously), and the call kind of go off the rails with a lot of technical difficulties. We talked about not even putting this one up, but there’s one good joke in it that’s worth the other painful time listening. Join Peter, Russ, Alex and myself as we talk about The Wind Rises, Robocop, The Monuments Men and The Lego Movie. Recorded on February 26th 2014.

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