Fake Movie Friday: Don’t Let Them In

So I’m not entirely sure what the nice gal at Pig Pile last night said. The title may or may not have had don’t. Whatever. Jaspers lost so life is meaningless. Been doing a lot of horror stuff lately and this just screams it.

Don’t Let Them In

We start at on old farm, the wind rustles and the corn starts moving in a strange way, like an unseen force is pushing through it. An old man stands by the door looking around though he sees nothing. He turns and walks back down the hall but hear’s a voice say ‘Help.’ He turns to see a small child in rags at the door. He lets the child in, and the wind pushes him back. The door is hard to close as if something is pushing from the other side. We cut to a wide shot of the house, the mans scream is heard, we cut to day time, the house looks decades older is in shambles.

A paperboy bikes down the road not paying attention and grabs a paper to throw before realizing the state of the house. He calls the police. The cops arrive dumbfounded since the house was perfectly fine the night before. A science team from the city arrives, an older man Davis and a younger woman Kate. A young deputy makes fun of Davis’ tape recorder and flirts with Kate who chastises him for ruining the crime scene. The sheriff makes everyone leave and clearly there is an attraction there.

They set up a lab at the local high school and find strange traces of elements they have never seen before. The sheriff visits Kate to talk about there findings and convinces her to call it a night and get some sleep. She wakes early to her phone ringing. the sheriff says he knows he told her to sleep, but there is another house found this morning, this one closer to town. She finds the same strange elements there. This time a bit more of a struggle by the front door like something forcing its way in. Trees around the house are also bent like something pushed through and the sheriff points out it is in the same exact direction of the farm house from the previous day.

Sheriff invites them to dinner at his place though he is doing construction. The entire back of his house is open and they can see the river behind it. They have a good time and the sheriff drives Kate and Davis back to their hotel but the car is forced off the road by something. They follow in the direction of it. They run and see they are coming to a house. A small child stands on the porch and someone is letting them in. Kate screams for them not to but the person is pushed back and after a moment the door slams closed. Kate and the Sheriff try and force their way in but Davis pulls them back as they watch the house slowly start to decay as if years are ticking away in seconds.

The Sheriff holds a press conference telling people to lock up at night and not let anyone in. He meets with Kate and Davis. Kate is upset that this is something that science can’t explain and the Sheriff consoles her. Davis is a bit more of an old believer and tells them of a story he dug up. A bus load of children went over a bridge nearby. The people of the town on the bridge were too afraid to dive in after them and all were lost. He beliefs the spirits of the children have returned to take time away from the town, since bus was recently finally removed from the river to build a new hydroelectric plant (this was probably mentioned earlier somewhere).

The town becomes closed off and paranoid as more houses are destroyed each night. Davis has a plan but the other two take a lot of convincing. That night the little girl walks down the street and heads to the Sheriff’s. She gets to the door which promptly opens, revealing the old bus backed up to the door. The girl and the spirits are sucked into the bus. Davis hops into the bus, shutting the door. Instead of aging, it gets newer. The bus becomes nicer and the engine turns on. The spirits become kids again. The sheriff and Kate watch as Davis drives the bus forward and into the river.

We time jump to the Sheriff and Kate are living together in the now completed house. They sit together in front of a fire and there is a knock at the door. Kate gets up to open it finding the little girl, she is thrown across the room, the sheriff runs towards them but quickly ages to dust. Camera outside shows the house decaying away.

The End.