Fake Movie Friday Vol 2: Crime Brûlée

It’s only week 19 and I’m already debating about how long I will be doing this for. Luckily I got some titles from Tigs and he threw this absolute gem at me and I’m energized.

Crime Brûlée

Chef Harold is the talk of the town. He is a famous dessert chef who does guest spots at fancy restaurants and talk shows. He is working on opening his own line of shops. He returns home to his fancy apartment to find his younger brother Todd waiting for him. Todd is a career criminal and is coming to Harold for money. Harold sends him away when he learns it’s for putting a job together.

Shortly after this night Harold is meeting with his financial advisor when he learns Mr. McGuffin, a wealthy investor of his has used him and stolen the money for the shops. Harold is angry and ignored by McGuffin who says it was just business. Harold flirts with McGuffin’s sexy assistant. Harold is lost for a solution until he realizes that he should track down his brother. That maybe crime is the answer.

Harold provides the seed money and Todd starts putting a rag tag crew together. Todd starts to tell them about the job he wants to do but Harold says that instead they are going to rip off Mr. McGuffin. The two brothers fight until Todd realizes the potential of the safe McGuffin keeps in his office. As the plan develops they realize that they will need Harold on the inside and the help of the sexy assistant.

Harold starts dating the assistant while the others are digging a tunnel in. Harold starts to actually fall in love with the assistant, who I’m not bothering to name because this film will not treat her kindly. The two brothers argue as Todd feels Harold is getting to close to her when he catches him making her dessert, a crème brûlée. Their mother used to make this for them and this leads to an argument about how Harold was favored and Todd was cast aside.

The assistant overhears this conversation and is of course angry. She storms off and the brothers don’t know if she’ll go to the cops or not. Harold is unable to reach her but Todd actually is the one to tell her that he can tell his brother really loves her. She forgives them even though they lied and will be guilty of grand larceny.

They pull off the job and split the cash. Harold is able to open his shops and employs his brother as security as Todd is starting a security firm. In the kitchen of a soon to open store the three stand over cups of crème brûlée and break the top as the screen cuts to black.






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  1. Dunn says:

    What a great title! Also Mr McGuffin… awesome.

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